Korrida ends of Catalonia as presented by: 990 PX

Once again, on the occasion of Sanfermines, photo agencies provide images of bulls fighting in the arenas. At 990px ??is probably already the third set of photographs from Spain and perhaps the last. Catalan parliament voted for the prohibition of fighting bulls in the entire region, starting from 2012. Korrida is part of the Catalan tradition of many centuries. The first messages on it already comes from the fourteenth century. The dispute over the korride lasts for decades. Its opponents argue that it amounts to torture an animal that bleeds to the delight of the crowd. While proponents point out that the corrida is a unique art of combining into a coherent whole choreography, costume and music. Matador is like a sculptor at the same time that Brandt did not clay, but an animal.


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