May 1968 in Paris as presented by: 990 PX

In the years 1967-1968 the student protests escalated not only in France but also in Great Britain, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, West Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Japan, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, the United States, and Australia. The events known as the "May 1968", began in the student protests that the immediate cause was the removal of the protesters by the police department occupied the Sorbonne in Paris. These protests led to several weeks of a general strike that paralyzed the country. The protests were initially directed against przestarzalemu and skostnialemu education system. Later, students in collaboration with workers, focused on governing the state. (As a result, in a speech on May 30, President Charles de Gaulle announced the dissolution of the National Assembly and new elections on June 23. Has urged workers to return to work and threatened the introduction of a state of emergency.) Events in May 1968 resulting in the reforms had far-reaching effects of cultural, political and economic life of France. A lot of popularity among the workers lost the Communists of the PCF, has gained in importance and the radical left - the Revolutionary Communist League (Ligue Communiste revolutionnaire).


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