A Week of Tornadoes as presented by: The Atlantic

Over the past week, dozens of tornadoes have touched down in the plains states, from Texas to Illinois, and more turbulent weather is expected. Late last week, 16 twisters tore through parts of north Texas, killing at least six people. Over the weekend, more tornadoes in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Iowa caused damage, injuries and another two deaths. The National Weather Service forecasts extreme weather throughout the same areas today, bringing hail, lightning, and still further extreme weather. Lightning from a tornadic thunderstorm passing over Clearwater, Kansas strikes in an open field, on May 19, 2013. A massive storm front swept north through the central United States on Sunday, hammering the region with fist-sized hail, blinding rain and tornadoes, including a half-mile wide twister that struck near Oklahoma City. A damaged house, after tornadoes swept through Hood County, Texas. A flag flies in the debris of a mobile home after a tornado struck a mobile home park near Dale, Oklahoma.


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