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Cecedia, better known as galls, grow on plants infected with bacteria, parasites or insect eggs. Different species' galls are highly distinctive, often providing protection or nourishment for the creature growing within. Though frequently undesirable, they've also been useful to humans, over the years: ink is traditionally made using tannic acid from oak galls. The long-abandoned gall pictured above, photographed by nutmeg66 in Theddlethorpe St. Helen, England, shows the exit routes of whatever creatures it nurtured. Neuroterus numismalis galls on a leaf, shot by Mick E. Talbot of Lincoln, U.K. Galls take many odd shapes and sizes. This gall, spotted by Johann Dréo, hangs from the branch of an oak tree in Chamadelle, France. Silk Button Spangle Galls on English Oak, caused by the gall wasp Neuroterus numismalis. Uploaded to flickr with the understated title "Too many galls", anemoneprojectors's photo was featured here at BB early last year. "Here were so many galls on this tree that I actually felt sick," anemoneprojectors wrote. "But not too sick to take a photo!"


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This morning I got up early, packed my bag and headed to the San Francisco International airport (SFO) to attend the opening of Virgin America's new Terminal 2 (T2). I was expecting Sir Richard Branson to be there, and I had been told to keep an eye out for some appearance from some element of Virgin's Galactic's program, but I had no idea what I was in for. Shortly before boarding the plane, one of Virgin's PR people announced that we would be making a 20 minute flight over San Francisco, rendezvousing with White Knight 2 and Spaceship 2 inflight, then landing in parallel with the spacecraft. After that, I was just in shock. I did what I could to keep myself collected, which was not an easy task. This was just totally unexpected and amazing. At times, the spaceship was only a couple hundred feet away from us. Sir Richard Branson and California lieutenant governor (and former San Francisco Mayor) Gavin Newsom entering the new terminal.


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