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They happen as mass ceremonies or from the back of a van all over the world in many different traditions. In the United States alone more than 2 million weddings take place a year at a average cost of $30,000, according to the Bridal Association of America. Here's a look at some brides and grooms and the events surrounding their big day. Bride-to-be, Meredith Lewallen, lets go of her harness right before she rappels down the side of the SunTrust building as part Over the Edge, a RiverRocks festival kickoff event on Oct. 4. Lewallen will be married on Saturday and wanted to commemorate her wedding with a rappel. Ramoncito Campo kisses his wife Hernelie Ruazol Campo on a flooded street during a southwest monsoon that battered Manila on Aug. 8. The newly wed couple pushed through with their scheduled wedding despite severe flooding that inundated wide areas of the capital and nearby nine provinces. Fran Calvo (left) and Monica Fraile celebrate their wedding in a Sea Life Aquarium on Aug. 6 in Benalmadena, where two couples took the opportunity to get into the pool to get married.


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