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A body has been found in the desert close to the spot where a pilot disappeared after crash-landing during the war. The wreckage of the P40 Kittyhawk plane was found perfectly preserved earlier this year, 70 years after the accident, and now it seems that airman Dennis Copping's remains may have been recovered nearby. The bones were located on some rocks four months ago, along with a piece of parachute, about three miles from where the plane landed in the Sahara desert in 1942. A keychain fob with the number 61 on it was found near the remains, along with a metal button dated 1939. But the pilot's relatives claim the Ministry of Defence said that the remains were not those of the lost airman. It has since been established that the bones were never recovered or analysed, leaving open the possibility they may be those of Flight Sergeant Copping. His nephew, William Pryor-Bennett, from Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland, has now urged for DNA tests to be carried out as soon as possible. To that end, two British historians and a forensic anatomist have volunteered to travel to Egypt and recover the bones themselves. Mr Pryor-Bennett, 62, said he is ‘appalled’ at the way the matter has been handled. He said: 'The bones suspected to be those of my uncle are apparently still lying in the desert. They were found in June and should have been tested by now.


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A Vietnam War veteran has released incredible night-time photographs he took of American troops opening fire on a Viet Cong sniper who had been firing on a U.S. Army camp. For more than four decades, photographer James Speed Hensinger kept these incredible photographs to himself, not releasing them to the public until now. Hensinger was just a 22-year-old paratrooper with the 173rd Airborne Brigade in April 1970 when a Viet Cong sniper began spraying automatic rifle fire on Hensinger's base in Phu Tai, near the coastal city of Da Nang. 'We were pissed off at taking Viet Cong sniper fire from the mountain above us several nights in a row,' Hensinger, now 66 and living outside Denver, Colorado, recalls. 'The guy would stand up from behind a rock and blow off a clip from his AK47 on full-auto. The sniper was shooting at such a high angle that most of his rounds came through the sheet metal roofs of our hooches. 'We decided to use a "heavy" response the next time the sniper hit us.' The following night, Hensinger set up his Nikon FTN camera to take long exposures to capture the firefight. Each shot includes 15 to 60 seconds of gunfire. When the Viet Cong sniper began shooting, the Americans unleashed hell. An M42 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun began pouring cannon and machine gun fire into the hills above the camp.


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An eight-year-old boy waiting at the finish line to give his father a hug was among three people killed and more than 152 injured when two explosions rocked the Boston Marathon in the worst terrorist atrocity since 9/11. Martin Richard died after the first of two bombs hidden in trash cans were detonated within 12 seconds of each other during the Patriots' Day bank holiday yesterday, sending terrified runners and spectators fleeing for their lives and leaving a scene of 'unspeakable horror'. Boston police closed off the city as a 'danger zone' as witnesses described seeing body parts flying through the air and shoes that 'still had flesh in them' in an attack that has sent shockwaves across the world. Seventeen of the injured are in a critical condition and CNN reported that at least 10 victims have needed amputations. At least eight of the wounded are thought to be children, including a two-year-old boy who suffered a head injury. Another was 11-year-old Aaron Hern, of Martinez, California, who was hit by flying shrapnel in his thigh as he waited for his mother to cross the finish line. He is being treated at Boston Children's Hospital and is expected to undergo further surgeries. Investigators do not know of a motive for the bombers, nor do they have a specific suspect. But last night detectives raided a Boston home after a man, said to be of Saudi origin, was arrested at the scene for acting suspiciously and taken to hospital, where he was treated for burns and shrapnel wounds.


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At age 11, Ghulam was married off to 40-year-old Jaiz in a rural Afghan village, making her only one of more than 10 million young girls who are being forced to wed men old enough to be their fathers or grandfather every year. In an effort to start a global conversation about the devastating effects of early marriages, which are currently practiced in more than 50 developing countries, the United Nations designated October 11 as International Day of the Girl Child this year. To mark the occasion and draw attention to the problem of child brides, photojournalist Stephanie Sinclair teamed up with National Geographic to create a series of heart-breaking photos depicting girls as young as five years old being married off to middle-aged men in countries like India, Yemen and Ethiopia. Child mothers: Asia, a 14-year-old mother, washes her new baby girl at home in Hajjah while her two-year-old daughter plays. Disturbing: Faiz, 40 (left), and Ghulam (right), 11, sit in her home prior to their wedding in the rural Damarda Village, Afghanistan on September 11, 2005. Rock bottom: A young prostitute named China sits stunned after being beat up by a man visiting Kabele Five in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.


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At first glimpse these pictures may look like nothing out of the ordinary - appearing to just show an ordinary leaf or a branch of a tree. But on closer inspection you can spot some of nature's true masters of disguise playing a killer game of hide and seek. From a katydid disguised as a leaf to a tiny Pygmy Seahorse camouflaged in sea fan in Papua New Guinea, these images showcase the creatures who can quite literally blend into the background. Illusionist: A leaf-mimic katydid - also known as a bush-cricket - camouflaged to look like a dead leaf to hide itself from predators. Keeping a keen eye: John Cancalosi, who took this snap of a tiny red crab camouflaged on a Sea Fan in Papua New Guinea, said even he sometimes struggles to spot the creatures he photographs.


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They are a nation famed for efficiency and cleanliness. And it seems that those traits even apply to the campsite at one of their most famous international events. This was the scene at the campsite at Oktoberfest yesterday as lines of tents were neatly pitched in rows for use by festival-goers. It is marked contrast to British events such as Glastonbury, where every conceivable inch of ground is covered by a canvas city. However how long the tents remain in such neat and tidy rows remains to be seen - as the beer festival got into full swing yesterday. And for anybody concerned that Europe's biggest drink festival would run out of beer, they need not worry. Organisers at the festival have now installed oil pipeline technology to keep the pints flowing. The 1,000ft long pipeline runs underground to the main tent at the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, which can hold 8,400 thirsty punters in one sitting. Brewers have plumbed in the pipe to stop bar staff worrying about when the barrels of ale are about to run out. The festival runs for over two weeks, and is expected to attract over six million visitors and seven million litres of beer will be drunk. Pipeline technician Uwe Daebel led a trial beer run with a group of willing helpers and described it as a 'great success.' He added: 'We filled the glasses of everyone, but, sadly, the rest went down the drain because we couldn't leave it in the pipeline.' The pipeline is not the only innovation introduced this year by the organisers who are also catering for couples feeling amorous after a few frothy lagers. Special soundproofed 'bonk-boxes' have been set up on the nearby camp site where they can canoodle in private. The converted containers include a double bed, soft lighting and layers of sound-deadening insulation which mean other guests on the site won't be disturbed. 'They're a great idea because lots of people who come to Oktoberfest end up camping and tents are a terrible place to get intimate,' said one festival fan.


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At the age of four Zlata discovered she had an amazing talent - and she has been bending over backwards ever since to make the most of it. The Russian-born former gymnast, 24, is one of the world's most extreme contortionists. At 5ft 9ins and weighing just eight and a half stone, Zlata spends most of her day working out and training for shows around the world. In one of her favourite acts she bends herself backwards at a perfect 90 degree angle - virtually cutting herself in half so the back of her hands touch her heels. And she thinks nothing of casually pulling her legs up behind her and hooking them over her shoulders to land on the floor beside her hands. She can even squeeze herself into boxes just 50cms squared. Zlata said: 'Doing these poses just feels very natural to me. Sometimes it can get a bit uncomfortable if I have to hold a pose for a long time in photo shoots. 'But I think that's like anyone who sits down for a long time - their muscles get stiff. 'I don't really diet but I have to train very hard to keep my muscles in shape and to be as flexible as possible.' Zlata has a rare condition that makes all her tendons extremely pliable, allowing her to adopt seemingly back-breaking positions. But Zlata, who now lives in Germany, wasn't always applauded for her contortionist ability. She first started experimenting with her talent after her pre-school teacher asked her to create a bridge - where you stand on your hands and feet with your back arched - and she outshone her classmates. She admits other girls her age were jealous of her and would pick on her at school. 'In Russia being flexible is a very good thing to be because everyone is really into gymnastics,' she explained.


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For many, photographs from the World War II have only been seen in grainy black and white. But now, new colour images have emerged that show the full horror of the destruction inflicted by Nazi bombings across London. The powerful images were released to mark the 70th anniversary of the launch of Winston Churchill's 'V for Victory' campaign on July 19, 1941. In this extraordinary picture, the double-decker bus is still visible amid crumbling tarmac and bent girders left in an enormous crater caused by a bomb which landed in the middle of a Balham high street, south London. A symbol of resilience: The Houses of Parliament with part of them covered in scaffolding are seen across the River Thames on a sunny day in 1941. The random nature of the bombing is clearly demonstrated here as a church, right, remains untouched while a vast swathe of buildings close by were reduced to rubble.


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