The Fourmile Canyon Wildfire in Boulder as presented by: Denver Post

Residents of the area scorched by the Fourmile Canyon Fire are returning home for the first time since they were evacuated on Monday, September 6th with a warning to be alert to hazards that continue to lurk there. Power lines and poles are down, fire hot spots remain, roads are damaged, phone, water and electricity are unavailable in some areas, abandoned mine shafts have been exposed and some continue to smolder, said Boulder County spokeswoman Barb Halpin. “If they are fortunate enough to have a home standing there are some health and safety issues for them to be aware of,” she said. The fire in the hills west of Boulder that began on Labor Day destroyed 169 structures and forced the evacuation of over 3,000 people. Firefighters have extinguished most active fire within the area, but much of the ground remains hot to the touch. Firefighters continue to rake hot spots to assure they don’t flare up in the future. Tom and Anna Neuer barely escaped the flames surrounding their Gold Hill home after watching their neighbors' homes go up in flames. The two are sure that their home is also gone. Anna covers her face with her hands after Tom mentions the new solar panels that were just installed on their roof that she had not yet thought about. Tom describes driving their van on the left through flames as they made their way down the road away from their home. A sign for firefighters attached to an truck near an old barn along 51st street near the Boulder Reservoir send a heartfelt message out to crews battling the Fourmile Canyon Fire on its fourth day. Over 700 firefighters currently deployed on this fire are staging at the Boulder Reservoir. Multiple agencies from Boulder County including Nederland Fire, Lefthand Fire and Gold Hill Fire responded to a wildland fire in Emerson Gulch near Gold Hill. Crews worked through the night doing initial attack in homes in the Gold Hill area as well as Colorado Mountain Ranch.


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