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The center of aircrafts display “Kubinka” in the Moscow region has just turned 75. To celebrate such a date the best aerobatic teams of Russia came to participate in the show.


view Iron Birds In the Sky as presented by: English Russia

The abandoned aircrew training center is located next to a former military airfield. The place that used to be in demand is semi-destructed now. It seems that nobody is going to use it and its equipment in future.


view Place Left By Pilots as presented by: English Russia

There are many interesting things left after World War II which can be found not in military museums but in private collections. These ones were found in the collections of Russians. This is what a bullet hole looks like on the helmet. By the way, this helmet is able to protect one’s head only when the splinter hits it at a sliding angle… This helmet was also found in a private collection of a Russian collector. This helmet has bullet holes too and it had been dug out of the ground which makes it cheaper than regular helmets but ensures its authenticity. The point is that Poles began to fake WWII helmets long ago (back in the 60s).


view All They That Take The Sword Shall Perish With The Sword as presented by: English Russia

Would you like to participate in an expedition aimed at examination of the Astrakhan region? Visual choice of an attractive spot carried out with the help of Google maps is followed by a car journey. The Big Brother Barkan is the highest in the Astrakhan region, up to 20m. How do you like the gallows? The Arabian toad-headed agama.


view Sands of the Astrakhan Barkan as presented by: English Russia

Pictures made during celebration of champagne birthday in Balaklava have been presented in another post. Beside that, a beauty contest was also on the list. Girls willing to take part in the contest posted their pictures in a Russian social net where 7 participants were chosen by Internet users. Over 50,000 of girls participated in the try-out.


view Choosing Miss Champagne as presented by: English Russia

The Kronotsky Nature Reserve holds unparalleled spectacles for even the most experienced travelers. There are warm waterfalls flowing down from rocks, groves of sea plants and noisy bird colonies on the coast, narrow paths with walls of giant grasses and flowers, magnificent volcanoes with steaming tops, deep river valleys and spectacular geysers. The fox got stuck in a fishing net left nearby and spent a lot of efforts trying to leave the area of fast approaching water. He was lucky to be found by people but not by bears. Tourists cut the rope on his neck but the fox couldn’t even stand. It crawled to the water to drink and then hid in a hole nearby where it was found next day. Why should people be so careless about throwing garbage around? Fishing nets which are left abandoned both at sea and on the coast kill many animals. Getting vet aid was impossible in this case. The fox couldn’t move, eat and drink. The nearest road is 100 km away from the place, a vet center is even further. Hiring a helicopter to take the fox to Petropavlovsk city will cost around 16000 USD. But no helicopters were available those days due to bad weather conditions. Even a human wouldn’t get a qualified aid if left there. So what could be done in that case is to hope for the best outcome for the fox and be more careful about the ecological situation in future. The fox could never survive. Its vixen continues raising 9 pups who are never hungry as the nearby waters are abundant with fishes. Unlike Alice, she is a good mother. Young pups are scared of people. Soon they will grow and understand that people who visit the Reserve are not dangerous at all. It’s a pity that animals staying in a place so rich with food have to die.


view Meanwhile In the Kronotsky Nature Reserve as presented by: English Russia

Some soldiers are not only good at military schooling but also at cooking. Today we’ll meet those of them who attend the military school house and become real professionals. The military cook house was created in 1961. Logisticians spend three months on becoming familiar with every detail of kitchenry.


view Cooking At The Battle Field as presented by: English Russia

For some reason inhabitants of Saint-Petersburg are all in a good mood and keep dancing the whole day. Enjoy great pictures of beautiful dancing people from a mighty Russian city.


view Dancing Saint-Petersburg as presented by: English Russia


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