Aircraft Construction Laboratory as presented by: English Russia

At the end of 1950ís there was a strong shortage of aircraft engineering personnel at many of aircraft factories. Thus, an idea of establishing a department of aircraft construction at Novosibirsk Electronical Technical Institute was put forward. Currently there are as many as six departments in the structure of the aircraft construction faculty, and they are: aerohydrodynamics, gas-dynamic impulse devices, environment problems connected with engineering, aircraft construction, flying machines durability and engineering thermophysics. Aircraft construction department laboratory is one of the most impressive ones in the whole institute. So, letís have a look at this. Aircraft construction department was established in 1959. During this time there were more than 3,000 experts trained who now work at one of the best-known technical and engineering institutions of the country. As early as from the fourth year students can apply for an internship and get a job over there after their graduation. The department gives a unique opportunity to study according to a special and individual curriculum which allows to devote much attention to the subject that a student will be required to have for their job-to-be.


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