Meanwhile In the Kronotsky Nature Reserve as presented by: English Russia

The Kronotsky Nature Reserve holds unparalleled spectacles for even the most experienced travelers. There are warm waterfalls flowing down from rocks, groves of sea plants and noisy bird colonies on the coast, narrow paths with walls of giant grasses and flowers, magnificent volcanoes with steaming tops, deep river valleys and spectacular geysers. The fox got stuck in a fishing net left nearby and spent a lot of efforts trying to leave the area of fast approaching water. He was lucky to be found by people but not by bears. Tourists cut the rope on his neck but the fox couldn’t even stand. It crawled to the water to drink and then hid in a hole nearby where it was found next day. Why should people be so careless about throwing garbage around? Fishing nets which are left abandoned both at sea and on the coast kill many animals. Getting vet aid was impossible in this case. The fox couldn’t move, eat and drink. The nearest road is 100 km away from the place, a vet center is even further. Hiring a helicopter to take the fox to Petropavlovsk city will cost around 16000 USD. But no helicopters were available those days due to bad weather conditions. Even a human wouldn’t get a qualified aid if left there. So what could be done in that case is to hope for the best outcome for the fox and be more careful about the ecological situation in future. The fox could never survive. Its vixen continues raising 9 pups who are never hungry as the nearby waters are abundant with fishes. Unlike Alice, she is a good mother. Young pups are scared of people. Soon they will grow and understand that people who visit the Reserve are not dangerous at all. It’s a pity that animals staying in a place so rich with food have to die.


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