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My wonderful wife Wendy works at Natural Habitat Adventures (they run incredible nature trips like this worldwide) and she went to Antarctica in 1997 - yes, she has a cool job. Due to a very fortunate set of circumstances (and her encouragement and willingness to watch our kids!), I was able to do a Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and Antarctica cruise in early 2009. I departed from Ushuaia, Argentina on Jan 23rd aboard the Ocean Nova and returned on Feb 10th and it was truly an experience of a lifetime. The amazing wildlife and spectacular scenery supplies a "target rich environment" that is a photographer's ultimate fantasy - I took almost 10,000 pictures! The several dozen images on this page below provide a chronological overview, but be sure to use the index for each day as there was just so much to see on this awesome trip.


view Falklands, South Georgia, and Antarctica Cruise as presented by: Alek Komarnitsky

There are few things in life better than fresh Colorado Peaches ... but as they reach the peak ripeness, you have to battle various critters for 'em as they ripen. Birds really go after my peach trees but the wasps can be pretty aggressive also as seen below. Wasps are REALLY active on peaches that have fallen - flys too! I count 18 wasps, 2 flys, and one unknown buzzing insect - can you see 'em all? Remember, I'm less than five feet away from all this action - yikes!


view Peach Wasps as presented by: Alek Komarnitsky

On June 7th, 2008, the nearby Rocky Mountain Airport put on an awesome airshow. I had borrowed a 100-400 telephoto lens from a friend to test with my Canon 40D DSLR. While we had a great vantage point on a second floor open patio, we were North of the runway looking into the early afternoon Sun (plus there was quite a bit of heat shimmer) so the lighting conditions were far from ideal. However, these pictures are semi-decent and provide a feel for this cool event where you could hear lotsa Jet Noise - the Sound of Freedom! So salute the men & women in uniform and their service to our country. Yaw'ing to the right - note rudder position. We had arrived as the B-25 did its last flyover, which then landed with the Colorado foothills in the background. Note only the left burner is lit plus right nozzle hasn't opened up. My brother (a former F-15 pilot) says sometimes they both don't light at the same time, although this persisted for several seconds which he said is a bit unusual.


view Rocky Mountain Airport Airshow as presented by: Alek Komarnitsky

While I live in Suburbia, there are some trails and farmlands nearby that make for enjoyable walks and misc. nature viewing. One night, my wife Wendy took my oldest son Dirk to the library and called us on her Cell Phone, saying she had seen a large bird in a Cottonwood Tree nest that is nearby. So 7-year old Kyle and I decided to walk over to check it out. I grabbed my Canon 40D with the 55-250 telephoto lens ... while Kyle carried the tripod which he decided was a "bazooka" and proceeded to shoot everything in sight! So we get to the Cottonwood tree and there is no bird in the nest. We look from various angles but zippo - must have flown away. I suggest to Kyle that we bushwhack to the next grove of trees because a few days earlier, my Mom had noticed a nest with a bird nearby. We walk over there and once again, we are skunked - no birds. Heck, there's hardly anything flying around and I'm kinda bummed, since it is 6:40PM and the light is beautiful from the setting sun ... and then ... I catch a fleeting glimpse of something moving through the brush ahead. And when I follow it over the top of a rise, guess who is keeping an eye on me!


view Farm Dog versus Wile E. Coyote as presented by: Alek Komarnitsky


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