The Fujifilm X100S as presented by: Los Angeles Times

A sumptuous blend of modern digital imaging technologies packaged in an old-school-style rangefinder, the Fujifilm X100S is a standout in a crowded field of cameras clamoring for eyeballs and market share. Priced at around $1,300, the 16.3mp X100S is not for everyone. Some shooters wonít appreciate being stuck with a non-interchangeable 23mm prime lens (35mm full frame equivalent) and some will bemoan the price. And itís unlikely that pros will be using it as their main camera on a big shoot. This camera is no DSLR killer. Rather the X100S is a niche camera imbued with so much soul and serious fun that it will be hard to leave home without it. At first feel, the X100S lacks the heftiness of the venerable Leica, but it is well constructed and durable with a die-cast magnesium body wrapped in a grippy synthetic leather material. In traditional silver and black as well as a recently released sleek all black body, the X100S is handsomely compact and unobtrusive. Best of all your back will thank you for leaving the 25-pound Domke bag with the two DSLR bodies and lenses at home. At 15.7 ounces, this camera at times feels too light, and you almost forget itís on your neck until the moment you reach for it, when the perfect light hits the pretty girl in the Paris cafe as she is perfectly framed in the rustic doorway.


view The Fujifilm X100S as presented by: Los Angeles Times

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