Midwest Buckles Under Storm as presented by: Sacramento Bee

A massive storm billed as the worst in decades barreled toward the northeast Wednesday, leaving vast swaths from Chicago to New York paralyzed by snow and ice, stranding hundreds of motorists all night and shuttering airports and schools. Chicago had 19.5 inches of snow, ranking the storm the third-largest on record to hit the city with still more possible. As much as 18 inches fell in Missouri, more than a foot dropped on northern Indiana and southeast Kansas, and Oklahoma saw up to a foot. Spots in northern New York also had more than a foot of snow by Wednesday morning. New York City was expected to get up to three-quarters of an inch of ice by midday before the mix of sleet and freezing rain warms up to rain. Forecasters warned ice accumulations could knock down some tree limbs and power lines across the storm's more than 2,000-mile path. Ice also could affect transit service, even as plow drivers struggled to keep up with the snow on many roads. Traffic on U.S. Highway 12/ 14 in Madison, Wis. moves at a crawl as drivers navigate accumulating snows and high winds Tuesday. A a group of people stop along Interstate 91 to help push a car out of a snow bank during a winter storm in Windsor, Conn. A car landed vertically in a snowbank after a multiple vehicle accident on Interstate 93 during a snow storm north of Salem, N.H. No one was injured.


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