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London Zoo has its annual animal weigh-in. Every animal in the zoo is weighed and measured and the statistics recorded so the data can be shared with zoos across the world. The red-ruffled lemur named Cid was reluctant to step on the scale. A 7 week-old Philippine crocodile is weighed.


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These mind-bending images are the world through the eyes of photographer Randy Scott Slavin. His new 'Alternate Perspectives Series 2' work offers a view of landscapes and urban areas that sees them contorted to jaw-dropping effect. The 35-year-old New Yorker uses a clever photographic technique called stereographic projection which maps a spherical image onto a flat plane. Randy can take up to a hundred pictures of a scene to build up a 360 degree image. He then uses computer software to stitch them together to make the stereographic projection. His post-production work can take from a full day up to a couple of weeks.


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Ted Rotunda keeps an eye on the city as Batman. "Princess Leia" and "Chewbacca" from Star Wars take a stroll down San Diego's 5th Avenue. Ladies take part in the San Diego zombie walk - held as part of the Comic Con convention.


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Passenger Benjamin Levy took this photo of passengers from Asiana Airlines flight 214 being treated by first responders on the tarmac just moments after the plane crashed at the San Francisco International Airport in San Francisco. Asiana Airlines flight attendants and rescued passengers rest on the runway after flight 214 crash landed at San Francisco International Airport. A photo taken by passenger Eugene Anthony Rah. Passenger Benjamin Levy took this photo of passengers from Asiana Airlines flight 214 being treated by first responders on the tarmac just moments after the plane crashed at the San Francisco International Airport in San Francisco.


view San Francisco Plane Crash: Photos Taken By Passengers Moments After Disaster as presented by: Telegraph Media Group

A passenger jet was engulfed in flames after crash landing at San Francisco International airport, leaving two dead and dozens injured, many critically. Witnesses described how Asiana Airlines Flight 214 from Seoul, South Korea belly flopped or pancaked as it touched down, and then cartwheeled down the runway. At least two people who were found outside the wreckage died in the crash, while another 182 people were taken to hospitals, many with minor injuries, authorities said. Forty-nine people were reported to be in critical condition, San Francisco International Airport spokesman Doug Yakel said. Local investigators said they could not yet offer an explanation for the crash of Flight 214, which had 307 people - 291 passengers and 16 crew - on board when it left Seoul. But images appeared to suggest the aircraft struck a rocky area at the water's edge short of the runway at the airport - a major international hub, especially for flights to and from Asia.


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The seas off China have been hit by their largest ever growth of algae, ocean officials said, with vast waves of green growth washing onto the shores of the Yellow Sea. However, it didn't stop beachgoers from swimming and playing in the green tide in the eastern city of Qingdao. The algae is not toxic nor detrimental to water quality. The State Oceanic Administration said on its website that the algae, enteromorpha prolifera, started to appear a week ago and had spread across an area of 7,500 square miles (28,900 square kilometres). The previous largest bloom was in 2008 when it affected around 13,000 square kilometres, it said.


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A cotton candy vendor walks in front of the "supermoon" during the Los Angeles Angels' baseball game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The rare phenomenon sees the Moon appear substantially larger than normal as it reaches its closest point to the earth. Known to astronomers as a perigee full moon, it appears 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than one at its further point away from our planet. People ride the Luna Park Swing Ride as the supermoon rises on Coney Island, USA. The moon is seen in its waxing gibbous stage as it rises behind the helicopter from the original Batman television show, which people can ride at the New Jersey State Fair, USA.


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Each of the eight category winners have been whittled down by almost 14,000 public votes and are now in the running to be crowned 2013 Shed of the Year. Emma Galleon, a boat shaped shed modelled on the HMS Victory and the HMS Warrior. Owned by Southampton based Clare Kapma-Saunders. It is complete with a top deck, rigging, skull and cross bones, hammock and captains quarters. It has a roof that consists of an upturned boat. Positioned in the Cambrian Mountain range near Machynlleth, mid-Wales, the shed houses a refrigerator, gas cooker, sink and sound system well used for parties. 3 Steps Bar owned by Garry Logan of Ayrshire looks like a normal shed from the outside until you step inside. The pub shed is complete with pub paraphernalia including a brass footrest, a last orders bell, a fruit machine, dartboard, sound system, optics, TV and wi-fi.


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