Amazing Hotels That Define Nature as presented by: Viral Blender

There are times when we need to take a break from our hectic routine. That points to only one thing, a vacation! and nature is surely the best way to head to. Instead of staying at the crowded resorts, why not go somewhere where youíll actually relax? This Family-run Hotel, Which is Located in A tree house, two cottages and A Conventional tent, A tent in the garden. The Hospitality of the Owners and stunning A Home Kitchen, where you can feel like A 'Home away from Home. " Surrounded by lush Orchards and Vegetation, and even here in the Winter is the Snow. This hotel is located west of one of the most important national parks in South Africa - Kruger - in one of the private game reserves and is ideal for those who like wildlife safaris and eco-housing. This Unique Hotel in the North of Sweden Created for Fans to literally Become one with nature. Hotel Rooms are Located Directly on the trees - They are Lightweight aluminum Design, set around A tree and Covered with mirror Glass, Which Reflects the nature and the Surrounding Sky. The Room Interiors are Made of Wood, and feature views of the Lule River and Stretching for miles around the Forest.


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